35th BCS Written Exam’s Question (Bangladesh)

Hello everyone,

The Bangladesh Affairs was the second exam of 35th BCS. the date of the exam was 2/09/2015. It was really a surprise attack exam(!!!), you may ask why i am saying this?? Because this question had no alternatives for answer!! There was ten questions and you have to answer all of those. None have expected this kind of question.

As it was my first BCS written so i thought that previous questions will be helpful but i found nothing helpful. As the questions pattern had the disorientation the questions were also uncommon too. But everybody has to answer, but HOW?? That’s why i called it a surprise attack!!! Everybody was stunt by this attack from PSC!!!(Good job man!!)

So for future use i think i should post those questions so everybody can use it for Guidance or suggestion.

bd pg1

bd pg2


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