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37th BCS written Exam Question- Science & IT

Here is the Science and IT question.


37th BCS written Exam Question-Bangladesh, International Relation & Mental Ability.

Here is the questions,

37th BCS written exam question English.

hello everyone,

the 37th bcs written exam general part has ended recently. though I haven’t participated in this exam but I think I should share thequestion I collected. here is the english question hope it will help you for next exam preparation.

Mechanical Engineering Govt. Job Preparation.

Hello Mechanical Engineers,

Its a special post intend to My Departmental Mates. In Govt. recruitment exams some common patterns were followed now the patterns are not very common though, this suggestion will help you to get an Understanding of what type of preparation you need.

When i started trying for Govt. Job i had no clue what to study. But now a days many Facebook’s active groups are available to help you. but i have made some collection through my experience in different exams i attended.

But the preparation for BCS exam can prove a vital thing for Govt. Job, because the General Knowledge is a very important part for any exam. So an all-round preparation will prove fruitful.

here is the link of my note.


thanks fellow mates…..

BCS exam getting new syllabus!!


Hello everyone,

BCS exam is one of the most expected exam(!!!) in Bangladesh. As its an opportunity for anyone to serve the country (!) who has completed graduation. but things are not as similar as it was 2-3 years ago. The BCS exam is getting more harder and more innovative. Though it should be on my opinion. but there should be some guidance for the exam but there is nothing. Bangladesh PSC (Public service commission) has only posted the new syllabus for the preparation for the new system.

So this year people who has prepared according to the previous examination questions they got stunned by the bolt during the written examination. because the questions pattern was nothing like previous years. All preparations were doomed, only few worked.

So to help for the next round of lightening by PSC i think those questions are really necessary. I think everybody will find it helpful. I will post all those question sequentially.

If you wish to see the latest BCS preliminary syllabus and written syllabus visit this link: