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36th BCS written Examination Mechanical Engineering Question and Problem Solve.

Hello everyone,

It’s been long since i last posted, I know but i was very busy with my job. Moreover I didn’t have the question of Mechanical Engineering though i have searched long for it. Recently i Got the question and i started solving the problems as soon as i can.

Today i have enough spare time to solve those problems so i solve those and posting it to share with you all.

Hope my work will not go in vain.

Here is the question: 20170825-222426_p0




The problems solved:






If anyone find any problem please notify me, so that i can make it correct.





Mechanical Engineering Govt. Job Preparation.

Hello Mechanical Engineers,

Its a special post intend to My Departmental Mates. In Govt. recruitment exams some common patterns were followed now the patterns are not very common though, this suggestion will help you to get an Understanding of what type of preparation you need.

When i started trying for Govt. Job i had no clue what to study. But now a days many Facebook’s active groups are available to help you. but i have made some collection through my experience in different exams i attended.

But the preparation for BCS exam can prove a vital thing for Govt. Job, because the General Knowledge is a very important part for any exam. So an all-round preparation will prove fruitful.

here is the link of my note.


thanks fellow mates…..

35th BCS written exam solution For (Mechanical Engineering)

Hello everyone,

Sorry for this late post, I have solved this already 4-5 months ago but could not published because i was busy and didn’t have enough time. But i think its not too late for those who will face 36th BCS written exam. I am sharing this for them mainly. I think this will really help them to get prepared for the exam. Moreover this is really helpful for other recruitment exams too …. so everyone is welcome to get it.

Here is the link: Departmental(35th BCS written).docx

If anyone has any comment please feel free to share with me in this website. And if anyone have any suggestion/ correction to my document please feel free to tell me.


thanks, good bye.

35th BCS exam’s Question (Mechanical Engineering)

Hello Everyone,

Recently on 3/10/2015 I have attended the last exam of mine for 35th BCS Examination. Though it was my own expertise or my own subject on which i have done my graduation it was really not very satisfactory. The main reason first of all was the syllabus, though i can’t complain about that because in professional examination we have to face every difficulties but the problem was that for every exam we need some guidance which we can follow but for this exam i got nothing but my own expectations. I had to follow all the topics in the syllabus which was really difficult, though Scientific calculators was not allowed and i saw the problems with formula having powers of 1.5 or 2.4 e.t.c, so how can i solve those without Scientific calculators i don’t know!!!!

The most frustrating part of my preparation for this exam was not getting any questions of previous years like all other subjects. So i think i should start the process so anyone can get the previous questions here in future.

I hope my this little help will help more people to prepare for their exam. Mechanical pg-1

Mechanical pg-2

anyone wish to post his subject questions can contact me or leave a reply.